Origin: From then till now…

In November of 2014, we saw the rebirth of the Steel Orchestra. Captained and Vice Captained by sixth form students, Shaquille Hamlet and Daniel Ferguson respectively, under the direction of Music Teacher, Cedel Hinds, within two(2) weeks, this newly founded group of young budding musicians made their first appearance at the College’s Annual Prize Day Ceremony. They rendered soulful contentment of a mix of selections – from Christmas classic, “My Favorite Things” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s – The Sound of Music, local parang favourite “Yvonne” by Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung and popular song “Rude” by contemporary band, Magic.

This provided the catalyst for many engagements that followed:


  • A Night of Miracles (End of Term Christmas Concert)


  • Prestige 5: Carnival Show (College Grounds)
  • 1st Annual Carnival Showcase (College Auditorium)
  • Sports Day
  • Junior Music Festival Competition Regional – (Naparima Bowl)
  • After Music Festival Highlights (College Auditorium)
  • Mother’s Day Assembly (College Auditorium)
  • Grand Tea & Fashion Show – PresFest (College Auditorium)
  • La Divina Pastora Parish Benefit Concert (Naparima Bowl)
  • For Love: Scholarship Concert, Tribute to Anthony “Tony” LeeMack(Naparima Bowl)
  • Annual Prize Day Ceremony (College Audit)
  • Only a Baby (End of Term Christmas Concert)


  • Prestige 6: Carnival Show (College Grounds)
  • 2nd Annual Carnival Showcase (College Auditorium)
  • Junior Music Festival Competition (National) (Naparima Bowl)
  • Mother’s Day Assembly (College Auditorium)
  • Father’s Day Assembly (College Auditorium)
  • Grand Tea & Fashion Show – PresFest (College Auditorium)

Over the period of fiscal year 2015-2016, two new components were added namely, the Junior Steel Orchestra and the Steel & Brass Orchestra. They too have made their impact and continue to grow.

Most recently on Friday 19th August, 2016, the orchestra was selected to perform at the request of the His Excellency Monsignor Nicola Girasoli, Apostolic Nuncio and Holy-See Vatican Ambassador at Unveiling Ceremony of a Commemorative Plaque by

Mrs. Erica Williams-Connell in Honour of Her Father, the late Dr. Eric Williams, Former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Among the foreign dignitaries, there were several prominent local figures in attendance including, Minister of Public Administration and Communications, Maxie Cuffie, His Grace, Archbishop Joseph Harris, other longstanding members of the clergy including monsignor Christian Perreira and Fr. Clyde Harvey.

Upcoming Events

For Love: Scholarship Concert (2nd Annual), Tribute to Anthony “Tony” Lee Mack (Naparima Bowl)

Senior Steel Orchestra

-Single Tenor

  • Aaron DaSilva
  • Amar Jaikaran
  • Jonathon Phillip
  • Joshua Cumberbatch
  • Joshua Mewalal
  • Khaalis Delas
  • Tjon Quash

-Double Tenor

  • Darnell Reyes
  • Devon De Bourgh
  • Joshua Jacob
  • Rene Stephen

-Double Second

  • Adrian Mahadeo
  • Steven Thomas

-Double Guitar

  • Jared Bessan
  • Jude Atwell
  • Theron Frame

-Triple Cello

  • Anthony Meade

-Four Bass

  • Gabriel Garcia
  • Simeon Lambert

-Six Bass

  • Rashard Woods


  • Daniel Ferguson (Captain 2015-16)
  • Gabriel Hudlin
  • Akil Weekes
  • Mikel Dickerson
  • Joash Webb

Junior Steel Orchestra

-Single Tenor

  • Iniowula Ayandokun
  • Justin Mohammed
  • Mark Malayah
  • Colin Rocke

-Double Tenor

  • Lucas Sirjusingh

-Double Second

  • Avishta Ramoutar

-Double Guitar

  • Shemic St.Hillaire
  • Joshua Ceasar

-Four Bass

  • Nicholas Jack
  • Adler Ramadar

-Six Bass

  • Jalon Straker



  • Dominic Tam
  • Daniel Huggins
  • Joshua Joseph

-French Horn

  • Luke Tam

-Tenor Sax

  • Tarik Phillip