The current principal of Presentation College, San Fernando is Mr. Dexter Mitchell. The former principal, Mr. Errol Jaikaransingh, replaced Brother Michael Samuel as principal, who had taken over from Brother Matthew Feheney in 1975. Brother Michael retired as principal at the age of 65, and later renounced his clerical vows.

Prior to Brother Michael and Brother Matthew, several other Presentation Brothers held the position of Principal, with Brother Jerome Kelly (1957–69) being perhaps the best known.

Message from the Principal 

Presentation College prides itself on excellence in all areas: in academia, sports and all round development. As family of Presentation, we pledge to be people of dignity and respect, respect for God and for the values He has lovingly and freely shared with us.

As we look at our history and rich legacy, we are reminded of significant milestones:

  • In 1963 the first Jerningham Gold Medal awarded in Trinidad and Tobago was won by Presentation College.
  • In 1966 and 1967 Roy Chong Kit created history by winning the Gold Medal twice. Roy was not yet 16 years old.
  • In 1998 Reeza Mohammed won the President’s Gold medal.
  • This was followed in 2006 when Mathieu Ramsawak won the President’s Gold medal for Business. He was first in the world in Cambridge ‘A’ Levels.
  • In 2011 Kerry Singh got the President’s medal for CAPE and was the most outstanding candidate in CAPE in the Caribbean.
  • Recently in 2015 CSEC examinations, the College won the President’s Medal Gold and Silver. What this means is that the College produced the top two students in the entire country. Riyad Khan won Gold and David Craig won Silver respectively.

Presentation College, Majestic on its Verdant Hill reminds us of the upward journey that as young men, you must make. The strength of the hill must remind you of the bravery and the courage that must characterise a true “Pres Man”. As you seek knowledge, rooted in the rich religious and cultural traditions of the Catholic Church, there is living hope that the knowledge acquired will help our nation and the world to be better homes for future generations.

May Mary, Mother of God, Our Lady of the Presentation continue to pray and offer us in her prayers to Her Son Jesus Christ.


Yours in Mary and Jesus,

Dexter C. Mitchell
College Principal

Principals of Presentation College San Fernando

In chronological order:

  • Bro. Livinus Kelly (1948–52)
  • Bro. Liam Dromey (1952–53)
  • Bro. Bartholomew Browne (1953–56)
  • Bro. Macartan Sheehy (1956–57)
  • Bro. Jerome Kelly (1957–69)
  • Bro. Anselm O’Callaghan (1969–71)
  • Bro. Matthew Feheney (1971–75)
  • Bro. Michael Samuel (1975–2002)
  • Mr. Simon Rostant (2002-2003)
  • Mr. Errol Jaikaransingh (2003–2013)
  • Mr. Dexter Mitchell (2013–present)