Presentation College San Fernando is one of two male Catholic secondary schools founded by the Presentation Brothers of Ireland in Trinidad and Tobago.  The Catholic Order is dedicated and named after Our Mother Mary, Our Lady of the Presentation, whose title comes from the Feast Day, the Presentation of Mary in the Temple. This day is also known as “Pres Day” and is dedicated as the school’s Feast Day.

Founded by Blessed Edmund Rice, the Order left Trinidad in 2002  after Bro. Michael Samuel retired as Principal of the College handing over control of both Presentation San Fernando and Chaguanas to the Catholic Church and the Catholic Education Board of Management.  Bro. Michael served as Principal of the College from 1975 to 2002 (32 years).  The order still operates at Presentation Brothers College, St. Georges, Grenada under the stewardship of Bro. Robert Fanovich, a past student of Presentation San Fernando.

Situated near the heart of the City of San Fernando, for the last 68 years, the College has been an integral part of not only the City’s history, but the Nation’s. Presentation College San Fernando has produced prominent business men, judges, lawyers, doctors, engineers, economists, accountants, musicians, educators, and most importantly, leaders. Not only have two previous Prime Ministers attended the College, the current President and several past and present Government Ministers also accredit their time at the College as a part of themselves. Men who spearhead and guide from all levels of their industries and professions to continue building Trinidad and Tobago.


“Laudate Pueri Dominum”
“Boys Praise The Lord”


To form well-rounded and balanced youth with God at the centre of their lives;

to inculcate practical awareness of their underprivileged brothers and sisters.